15 Mar 2018
Monday 19th Plan for showcase

Monday 19th 8.45am – 12 noon.

(Students are not permitted to leave lessons early, you leave on the bell and get changed in the sports hall shower room)

(1) 8.45-9.30: KS3 Hip Hop & Contemporary, Jeanie and Rachel, Jemima and Olivia (BHL & HMN)

(2) 9.30-10.15: Irish dancers, Soloists, Tap, Charlotte, Jess and Molly, G&T Gymnasts (BHL & HMN)


(3) 10.35-11.20: GCSE pieces/KS4 G&T, Boys dance (HFH / BHL)

(4) 11.20-12.05: Senior and Junior Cheer

(P5) – ALL students in showcase sports hall

1-3PM St Peters performance - ALL performers